We offer a fun pizza experience with a unique wood-fired taste. Our wide range of influences span from Italian to American creations, but when you get down to it, we’re a pizza place that has flavorful pizza and a really good time. We hope you find joy in our passion. From the time you walk into the restaurant, we aim to please. See our open-plan kitchen, meet our team members, and order your pizza. You can watch your pizza being made and cooked in our oven. We will bring your food to you and check-in on you from time to time. Thank you for choosing to eat with us. We hope you have a great time.

We’re Fast.

The uniquely designed wood-fired oven that bakes your pizza is fired with oak wood, which imparts a pleasant mild smoke flavor that customers love. The oven operates at 900 degrees Fahrenheit and bakes your pizza in less than 90 seconds!

We’re Fresh.

Our proprietary pizza dough is special and made daily using a lengthy fermentation to develop the most complex flavors and create a lighter, tastier crust. Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizzas include vegetables and meats that are hand-cut daily. Yummy toppings enjoy a nice fireside sauna in our wood-fired oven.